Project Description

“… why is it that as the flesh of the world fades away, people become more and more obsessed by their own flesh?” 69bodyland You might see it written on the wall of some public lavatory, on an advertisement in the metro, in the locker-rooms of a gymnasium. If you call up the number, the mysterious Unknown X will answer: she listens, gives advice, intervenes and files your life. You too will get lost in Body Land. X is both transmitter and receiver. From a tender age, she systematically began to study the messages scribbled on the wall in public lavatories. When she felt they needed correcting, she corrected them. As the years went by, she became an expert at composing messages on the city walls. Later, her codified telephone line began to appear in public places for all those in need of her services. She then becomes their shadow, a shadow that conscientiously dissects their flesh; she records their struggle as they pawn their body in order to be loved; she collects the psychoses hidden under the sheen of civilization of people who in the manner of wild animals looking for food emit distress signals. In her quest, she comes into contact with casino gamblers, people who take part in reality shows, Olympic Games and other marathon athletes who live their own road stories and thrillers; X observes and records. 69bodyland. If you phone, you might become one of her heroes. If you let yourself be guided by her messages, you might change from paper to flesh and become the hero of your life, if only for a little.