Project Description

Tattooed eye- lids is a modern allegory which is being set in a European metropolis by the end of the millennium. The characters  are part of the setting and the everyday weather and despite their dark history they struggle to create and bridge the gap between the people that cross their way. On their eyelids are engraved the messages they are willing to send to the world. The messages are ambiguous and misleading, so rarely the written messages coincide with what is being read, therefore they hardly get what they have asked for.

“I don’t expect to understand me, only to accompany me. It might even happen: while I’ll be making up what I what to give away, you ’ll be making up what you would like to hear. Then, stray words might appear on the crumbled paper.  Don’t forget that these words are the only available signal so that we can meet sometime in the future.  Come with me, come and walk with me, I can only get a grip of my  feelings when I speak  them out,  them and I can only speak  them out when you near, when you can hear! “