Project Description

A modern allegory, a satire of extreme situations and adventurous twists where the author parodies the grotesque aesthetics of the post technological era, the obsession with beauty and everlasting youth as well as the collective mania for perfection. In this suffocating environment only the power of love and art could touch this new generation of improved people who thus become human again.


“I am a dead woman.

And these are the words of a dead woman.

The same words I used to utter while I was alive. I never stopped repeating them. I repeat what I have learned. And I keep saying aloud what I have learned. It’s hard to change. Especially in the afterlife. When experiences come to an end, the chances of improving are running short, so you repeat the same old stories like a pathetic parrot.

These are the words of a dead woman.

Now I let my voice reach you. No, don’t be afraid. It’s not one of those boring confessions or one more endless  delirium.  I always disliked them. I ’ll only tell you what I have learned. And what I have learned is one part of the story, you may discover the rest. The part that concerns you and only you.”