Project Description

A man who is determined to change his face visits a plastic surgeon, leaving behind him a gun in a paper bag; a young secretary finds an envelope on the train, containing evidence that could shed some light on her sister’s murder; a rag collector who picks up scraps of  paper in random runs upon a weird cryptic message; an old pensioner becomes homeless by choice; a veteran of the French Foreign Legion offers a life lesson to a young desperate man who has memorized all the lines of Humphrey Bogart, in order to seduce a beautiful choreographer in London. Unarmed humans, empowered by the kick “of madness and weakness” carry their secrets, hidden even from themselves. Having as a life motto: “I live by chance, love by choice, change by habit” they swirl around the current of this immoral decade.

The background of this subversive novel is the monument of “Dromeas” in Athens, the London Eye and the French South. Here everyday extremities and eccentricities trigger the characters to rush to the metropolitan highways, as if skating on a death floor.

Extract from the interview in Athens Voice, February 2013

Review (abstract): White Revenge from newspaper “Kathimerini” Home